Help! I No Longer Have An Erection – A Worried Fellow

Everything began when I was 17. Approached web and excessively numerous Indecency were wherever on the net. What began so abnormal and looked clumsy to me wound up being my methods for joy.

Didn’t consider GF coz to me it was pressure. I could stroke my organ for an entire day watching Indecency. I truly delighted in it at first and was notwithstanding taking medications to delay “arrival of sperm”To me it was all good times.

When I got to 20, I chose to experiment with a GF, however it didn’t work out well so I completely went into masturbation and didn’t consider relationship.

When I moved toward becoming 23, I saw my joystick wasn’t getting the 100% erection like it used to yet I didn’t significantly trouble. Till the day I chose to engage in sexual relations and my organ couldn’t rise, my gf needed to give me a Mouth Gig before I got half erection, she wasn’t cheerful, I saw frustration composed everywhere all over.

I needed to mislead her that it was coz I was stressed over something unique and my mind wasn’t her ally or the sex.

Christmas night we chose to have another sex yet joystick couldn’t rise. I attempted power it into her however it dropped out all limp.

Needed to utilize my hand to joy her that night again she was stressed and the following day she said we must talk in regards to it.

I embarrassingly revealed to her nothing to discuss. She is somebody I need to wed. Am 28 years now and my mum is as of now discussing when will I get a spouse ??

It’s start to give me bad dream. Pls specialists in the house … ..have I perhaps unintentionally broken my dick??

Or then again does it mean I have over utilized my organ?? If it’s not too much trouble is there a cure??

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